IPL 2020: Should there be 10 IPL teams instead of 8 now onward?

Well, new teams Ahmedabad and Pune are respective owners had a talk with BCCI for the introduction of these 2 new teams in the IPL. BCCI seemed to be interested in the talk but they do not want to take a rash decision in a hurry.

In my view, It will be exciting to see new teams and bring different flavor in the IPL but there is a major concern and it’s related to players.

Where will the players come from? It’s very difficult especially for these new teams to have best players in their team. All the better cricketers are occupied by other franchises and these new teams will have a difficulty in acquiring a captain in their team.

India is searching a no.4 batsman for decades and we are looking for 44 players to fill the slot in new teams. Also, a fresh auction is needed to distribute players in all teams equally which i personally disagree( I don’t want Virat and Ab to play for any other franchise except RCB).

One solution to this problem might be increasing the overseas quota. Team should be allowed to play 5 overseas players in their playing XI which will then allow Indian players to be evenly distributed. Also, it should be made compulsory for teams to have at least one or two uncapped players in their XI. This is the only solution that I can come up with to fill the vacancies that is sure to happen if 10 teams will play in IPL.

What do you think? Will there be 10 teams in IPL 2020? How will the players distributed? Give your thoughts.

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